Useful sites and toys

There is a lot of useful stuff out there on the web for sax players, including a bewildering cornucopia of apps vying for our attention. Below are links to some of the resources and apps that I either use or recommend. Any suggestions for other ideas are very welcome!

First up; help with music theory:

This used to be presented as a rather dry, cobwebby academic subject, widely feared by many musicians who were quickly convinced that they were pretty hopeless at it. Now, however, there are many good, user-friendly music theory sites that can help you along the way.

Here are two that I think are particularly good and enjoyable to use. Both have lots of quiz-style pages for you to test you progress. have also developed really good apps of their content for phones and iPads.

music theory


Next up, a pair of apps that I use A LOT!

Chordbot (iOS & Android) allows you to quickly put together good sounding backing tracks in a variety of styles, Anytune (iOS & Mac, Windows & Android versions in development) allows you to import any audio track, then slow that audio down without changing key, and to loop sections for practicing. Both invaluable!

chordbot 2

Last – but not least – a brace of sites into which you can disappear for ever, so comprehensive are they in their sax-related content! The first is, probably the world’s leading (and largest) purveyors of all things saxophonic, the second is saxontheweb, which attempts to answer every question ever asked about anything remotely to do with saxes and sax playing!