A bit about the lessons

You can choose to take lessons weekly, fortnightly or even monthly, and you can choose 30 minutes or hour lesson lengths. Lessons cost £25 for an hour or £15 for 30 minutes.

Usually, for players just starting out, a course of 30 minute lessons is sensible, because you need to build up the strength of your ’embouchure’. This is the complex of small muscles around your mouth that allow you to control and sustain control of passing air from your lungs into the mouthpiece of the sax. Don’t worry; you won’t end up looking like you’ve had a botox injection in your lips – a good embouchure is invisible!

Initial lessons concentrate on the simple pleasures; getting some notes, getting a bit of a sound going, holding the instrument like a pro, maybe a bit of early recording, maybe a bit of easy music reading.

Once you’re underway, the sax world is your oyster and – with a bit of guidance from me – you can chose to develop your style and interests through a variety of pathways. These might include any (or all) of the following;

  • soloing
  • reading music
  • playing in a particular style
  • amplification & recording techniques
  • the use of scales & modes
  • understanding chord progressions
  • using extended sax techniques
  • how to (quickly) arrange material for a band
  • playing in a horn section
  • taking jazz sax grades with Trinity or the ABRSM

After each lesson, I’ll send you the material you need to work on before the next lesson, such as a lead sheet of music to rehearse, a technique to try out or mp3s of demo pieces or backing tracks for you to work with.

If you have any questions please feel welcome to ring me on 07905 217519, or email me via the contact page.